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Aviation and Marine Control is a high requirement field. Safety is the most important. Then the control panel’s durability and high quality are vital here. It must be waterproof and can withstand harsh climate changes. For example, the high temperature and very low temperature, salty moist atmosphere, directly strong sunshine with constant UV exposure, directly rain, chemical, oil dirty, vacuum environment, etc. In the case of these aviation control and marine control applications, Teingesch makes the following suggestions for the membrane keypad or rubber keypad control panels:

Aviation & Marine Control: For Membrane Keypads:

For Rubber Keypads:

Rubber keypads itself has good touch feeling and good reliability. Usually the rubber keypad is not easy damaged, the users need pay more attention on the circuit layer underneath. If occurred any potential risks use the new circuit to replace the old one or change the whole keypad assemblies.

For this special application, especially for the marine control application, it is better for you to give the whole control panel assemblies to Teingesch for manufacturing, which is convenient for Teingesch to design the best waterproof method and do the final assembly parts waterproof testing.