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In the medical and healthcare industry, our products are widely used in a number of fields such as medical therapy equipment, rehabilitation training devices, medical test instruments, healthcare devices, exercise equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, etc. Teingesch designs and manufactures the medical and healthcare devices’ interface keypads and graphic overlays, and also manufacture the electronics parts (PCBA, FPCA, integrated assemblies) which assembled in the final medical & Healthcare devices.

This is a special membrane keypad application area. It requires that the keypads should have high-reliability quality and also should be ergonomical, environmental, and innoxious. So, Teingesch manufactures the membrane keypads and electronic assemblies products under our harsh quality standard by world first-class raw materials. In addition, to meet the medical industry’s special requirements, we passed the ISO13485 certification. We can use anti-bacterial overlay materials like the Autotex AM and Reflex for the graphic overlay layer which is the direct contact layer between people and the devices.

In addition, the membrane keypad’s surface can be easily cleaned and it also can be waterproof. The button life can be more 1, 000, 000 times. Membrane keypads also are flat and flexible, which can be assembled on any device’s surface, even the curved service. Compared the traditional mechanical switches, it also has much nice and friendly interface graphics. It can be customized to be any shape and can print any graphics on the interface overlay. It can integrate all mechanical switches’ function into one membrane keypad to make your devices have a nice interface and at the same time also enhanced your operation convenience.

What we can do for your medical and healthcare devices products?