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Reliable and robust interfaces able to cope with the most difficult environments.

Teingesch can design and manufacture various kinds of membrane switches, rubber keypads, touchscreens for military and defence industry.

For the military and defence equipments or devices which have very high requirements for the quality, reliability and stability of the keypads. The challenges are quite unique. It has very rigorous regulations and specifications. Excellent performance is mandatory. These are also our objectives for our membrane switches, keypads, rubber keypads, touchscreens, overlays etc. must be achieved. Frankly speaking, we do so with flying colors.

Material selection for Defence Application Keypad:

When we design a membrane switch for military and defence application, first, we must consider to select proper raw materials. For the graphic overlay, we suggest to use Polyester material. As per your application, we can select Autotex, Autotex XE or Autoflex series polyester materials. For the standard im-room application, then the standard Autotex series polyester is ok enough. If there will be a big display window on membrane switch, then we suggest to use Autoflex series polyester which is a kind of anti-scratch polyester material. If the application is for outsides, then we suggest to use Autotex XE series polyester material which is a kind of UV-resistant polyester material.

For the spacers(adhesives) of the membrane switch, we suggest to use 3M brand adhesives for military and defence keypad applications. But 3M has many different types of double sides adhesives and single side adhesives. To use which model for overlay spacer, circuit spacer and rear adhesive based on the keypad thickness and other real applications.

As to the circuit layer, we suggest to use copper FPC circuit or rigid PCB circuit. Try to avoid using silver printed polyester circuit. Both the copper FPC and rigid PCB circuits have more higher reliability and stability than silver printed polyester circuit.