> Teingesch manufactured keypad used on machinery industry: 

Agricultural machineries like manure spreader, seeding machine, reaping machine, pesticide spraying machine etc. and household using machineries like the field mower, lawn mover etc. can use membrane keypad or rubber keypad control panel. Teingesch is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer and has specific manufacturing and assembly capabilities to support your keypad and integrated assemblies needs.

> What we can do for your application?

1. membrane keypad, rubber keypad, graphic overlay, front control panel module design and manufacturing;

2. membrane keypad, display, backplane integrated assembly; 

3. Tactile keypad, Anti-UV keypad supply; 

4. Waterproof keypad design and manufacturing for your outdoor machinery application;

5. PCB assembly;

6. Engineering design support and proper materials, components suggestion;

7. Function testing;

8. Best shipping method selection;