LGF Backlit Membrane Switch

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LGF Backlit Membrane Switch

* Autotex PET Overlay Material;
* 3M Back Adhesive;
* LGF Backlighting;
* Silver Printed PET Circuit;
* 1.0mm Pitch ZIF;
* Embedded Backlighting LEDs, SMT Assembly;
* Voltage: 3~5V;

Teingesch® was established in 2008 which located in Dongguan of China. Factory covers 4500 square meters. Teingesch mainly provides membrane switches, capacitive switches, membrane keypads, rubber keypad switches, PCB/FPC membrane switches, graphic overlays, waterproof membrane switches, UV-resistant membrane switches, touch display modules etc. to the customers from all of the world. We also can provide PCBA design, SMT service, Single-chip development and contract manufacturing services for all our customers.

> Application of Membrane Switches/Rubber Keypads:
1) Industrial Control: Widely used on intelligent electronic measuring instruments&meters, digital control equipments, CNC machines, injection machines, genset controller, electronic scale, energy measuring meters, Automotive electronics etc.
2) Household Appliances: Widely used on air conditioner, washer, induction cooker, microwave oven, electric cooker, soybean milk machine, kitchen ventilator etc.
3) Medical and Healthcare: Widely used on ventilator, treadmill, fitness equipments, hemopiezometer, therapeutic equipments, blood analizer etc. medical equipments and testing instruments;
4) Aerospace and Marine: Widely used in plane, aircraft, rocket, satellite, yacht, marine drilling platform etc.